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ZENS highlights a new collection by the designer Michael Young at Maison & Objet
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On September 8-12, 2017, for their first exhibition at Maison & Objet, ZENS highlights a new collection by the designer Michael Young.

About Michael Young

Michael Young Studio, in collaboration with the Chinese home lifestyle brand, ZENS, has created a new collection of environmentally-friendly products that embody a mixture of cultures. He chose ZENS because Products of ZENS cohere the founders and staff’s love for beauty, and their unique ideas on lifestyle design, which are also the two conditions necessary for a reliable brand, or it will descend to a common brand of the industry.

For his new collection, the designer has chosen to use bamboo for its versatility and natural beauty. Through this collection, the British designer also wants to promote the use of bamboo, which is, according to him, still rarely used as a natural material in the western world and a great avenue to incorporate and elevate multicultural design.

The Furniture Collection: “Angle & Arc Series” 

The Lamp Collection: "Bamboo Lamps Series” 

Michael Young has also produced a tableware collection characterized by its finesse and elegance. A great example is found in the plates depicting traditional Asian patterns on bone china.

The Tableware Collection: "Lotus & Fish Series” 

Go our booth at that time to enjoy those transcultural works. We're looking forward to seeing you.