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ZENS Lifestyle

Founded in 2009, Zens is a home interior lifestyle brand that promotes healthy living by creating contemporary teaware and home decor that encourages us to pause every once in a while and simply enjoy the moment. 

Working with designers from all over the world, Zens has grown to become a leader in home and lifestyle products with offices and outlets in 6 countries. We believe in building partnerships with like-minded people brands as we continue to promote the benefits of living a life in balance.

Our mission is to bring environmentally-friendly and healthy products that help people create a more youthful and balanced lifestyle. We design home & lifestyle products that remind us of the here and now and to encourage us to take a breath and simply enjoy the moment.
Design Philosophy
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Simplicity - Imagination - Contemporary
Function and practicality are at the center of our design as we transform everyday products through our imagination. While respecting traditional craftsmanship, our products adopt modern aesthetics and familiar use to complete the ZENS design philosophy.
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Simplicity has been fundamental to our products and design from the very beginning for what we see as the Purpose in Simplicity. Having become so connected, we often find ourselves cut off from the present, forgetting to appreciate what is in front of us. We strive to design products that encourage interactions with the people and places around you.
Our Designers
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In-house design team continually develops new products and concepts for our expanding lines of teaware and home decor. Their talent, skill and dedication to innovation has won them international design awards and recognition among design communities.
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In collaboration with designers from Italy, Japan, and the UK, we develop new collections for the international community that hold consistent with our design philosophy and aesthetic.
Brand Partners
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Commitment to quality and craftsmanship has led to partnerships with top international companies and with China’s most iconic landmark and World Heritage Site.
Designing a symbolic bridge between the traditions and culture of ancient China with the forward progress of modern China is an especially high honor. We are proud to be included in as an ambassador of Chinese culture in today’s globalized world.

Where We Are