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NY NOW - New York February 2018
With new plans and opportunities on the horizon, ZENS Lifestyle is taking part in NYNOW to showcase their top collaborations and award-winning designs. This spring we are featuring the new collections by Nendo and Michael Young, as well as the ZENS to Go series that is gaining popularity worldwide.
Maison & Objet - Paris January 2018
In collaboration Nendo Studios, ZENS Lifestyle is featuring the new collection by the highly acclaimed designer, Oki Sato. Each of the five series in this new collection draws inspiration from five different elements that are transformed into minimalist designs. The collection includes furniture based on the pictographs of Chinese writing, home decor reminiscent of natural outdoor scenes, and tableware that rethinks the use of its basic parts.
Maison & Objet - Paris September 2017
ZENS Lifestyle featured the new collection by Michael Young, a leader in international design who has become one of the most authoritative figures in Asian Design. His new furniture and lighting series is based on traditional Chinese aesthetics and incorporates bamboo as the primary design element. His tableware series also takes common subjects of Chinese traditional painting as its central theme. "All my design works are transcultural; they all show my respect for each brand or culture.” - Michael Young
Maison & Objet - Paris January 2017
As ZENS continues to expand into the European market, they brought more beautiful designs pairing traditional and cultural elements of the East with European minimalist styles. Tableware from top Italian designer, Francesco Lucchese, and ZENS award-winning Pi Travel Tea Set were on display as the leaders in European home decor and architecture took in all the innovative creations from design studios all over the world.